Short Stories

Harried by a relentless bounty hunter, forced to flee to a long-forgotten star system…

Long before Theophax was recruited by the Oracle to find a lost starship, he roamed the lawless Xia sector in search of technological relics and the score to end all scores. But as usual he’s run into a bit of trouble, thanks to a botched job. The most powerful warlord in the sector has placed a bounty on his head, dead or alive. Now he is on the run, seeking an alien relic known only as The Object. Will he be able to evade Baron Kormugon’s bounty hunters long enough to find his prize?

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Dr. Christopher Fox, newly minted galactic archeology Ph.D, never dreamed his first field assignment would be working for his idol, the renowned Dr. Reese Phillips. Along with Dr. Phillips’ crew, the tenacious ex-special forces mercenary K. Hubbell and the ever cheerful artificial life form Emma, they will journey to an exotic jungle planet to investigate a mystery buried within an ancient ruined city and its mysterious glyphs. But within the mystery lies an alien evil. Will Dr. Fox be able to unlock the power of The Navigator in time to defeat it?

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Dr. Christopher Fox, newly minted field researcher and now a bearer of mysterious alien power, never imagined his career in galactic archeology would place him in the middle of an alien civil war. Now, stranded on the opposite side of the galaxy, along with Reese and her crew, Hubbell and Emma, they will be forced to face off against an alien evil from the past. He may have unlocked the power of The Navigator, but can Dr. Fox master it in time to stop the Arbiter’s sinister plan?

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