Destiny Reckoning finished!

I just finished Destiny Reckoning, book 3 of the Unexpected Destiny series! On track for 5/11 and 5/25 release dates! Got to make a “The End” post on the 20booksTo50k Facebook group, been wanting to do that since I joined it. Don’t forget to sign up for the mailing list to be notified when the series goes live. Plus you’ll get a free short story on launch day!

–> ending blurred so as not to give anything away 😉



Unexpected Destiny release pushed to 5/11

The release date for Unexpected Destiny has been pushed to 5/11 due to production delays and scheduling conflicts.

The new release schedule is as follows:

  • Unexpected Destiny and Altered Destiny ebook/paperback/audiobook release on Saturday, 5/11
  • Destiny Reckoning ebook/paperback to release on Saturday 5/25
  • Destiny Reckoning audio go live early June

Unexpected Destiny release date set!!

Unexpected Destiny and Altered Destiny set for April 20th release. Destiny Reckoning scheduled to be released May 11th. The books will be available in paperback, ebook, Kindle Unlimited, and audio.

The Navigator and The Arbiter’s War live on Amazon!

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Dr. Christopher Fox, newly minted galactic archeology Ph.D, never dreamed his first field assignment would be working for his idol, the renowned Dr. Reese Phillips. Along with Dr. Phillips’ crew, the tenacious ex-special forces mercenary K. Hubbell and the ever cheerful artificial life form Emma, they will journey to an exotic jungle planet to investigate a mystery buried within an ancient ruined city and its mysterious glyphs. But within the mystery lies an alien evil. Will Dr. Fox be able to unlock the power of The Navigator in time to defeat it?

The Arbiter’s War (now on Amazon)

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Dr. Christopher Fox, newly minted field researcher and now a bearer of mysterious alien power, never imagined his career in galactic archeology would place him in the middle of an alien civil war. Now, stranded on the opposite side of the galaxy, along with Reese and her crew, Hubbell and Emma, they will be forced to face off against an alien evil from the past. He may have unlocked the power of The Navigator, but can Dr. Fox master it in time to stop the Arbiter’s sinister plan?