Unexpected Destiny Series

The deathbots come. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be stopped.

Worlds are destroyed, starfleets lie in ruins. Running is the only hope of survival. But Kyren, a self-trained bot-fighter, refuses to flee. Aided by a cat-eared engineer, an eccentric alien scientist, and a prescient child-like Oracle, he will search the galaxy for a way to defeat an unstoppable foe. Will Kyren survive space pirates, exploding aliens, and a maniacal cyborg? Can he embrace his unexpected destiny before the galaxy burns?
Outclassed. Outgunned. Overwhelmed. The Consortium is being eradicated.

Kyren knows it’s his fault. By stopping the deathbots they have altered the timeline, and now the Crevak pirates have a mysterious new benefactor. One who has given them the weapons to overcome the Consortium, the only force in civilized space capable of holding back the pirates. Can they find the meaning of the Oracle’s new vision before it is too late? Can they survive a precog hit squad, the wicked space pirates, and an infestation of alien parasites long enough to repair their altered destiny?

It comes, it hungers, it consumes. The Kirugi will destroy all.

Only Kyren can stand in its way. The Oracle has foreseen hope, but to reach it, great sacrifice must be made. Will Kyren and his companions survive a journey through space and time to find the weapons necessary to fight? Will they survive an alien civil war, withstand the test of millennia, and have the courage to face off against a nearly indestructible foe? Will they survive their destiny’s reckoning?

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