After-conference report 2019:

Whew, talk about exhausted!

I’m back from the 2019 iteration of 20BooksTo50k independent authors conference in Vegas, and what an experience. I met a ton of authors and other industry folks, made a bunch of new friends, learned a lot, and just had an all-around blast.

The sessions were informative and the after-show activities were great (Chris Fox ran his Magitech Role Playing Game, we even had a Magic the Gathering draft). So cool to finally met the talented and amazing narrator of my work, Ryan Burke, in person.

Special thanks to all the authors I met (Lindsay Buroker, Jeff JH Haskell, Kevin J Anderson, Jonathan Yanez, Jon Evans, Scott Bartlett, Craig Martelle, JN Chaney, Scott Moon, Terry Mixon, Stevie Collier, Christian Kallias) you were all just as nice as I was told!

Here’s a couple of pics, my buds Chris Fox and Ryan Burke, in our natural geek habitat!