Unexpected Destiny Series (May 11th 2019)

The deathbots come. They cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be stopped.

Worlds are destroyed, starfleets lie in ruins. Running is the only hope of survival. But Kyren, a self-trained bot-fighter, refuses to flee. Aided by a cat-eared engineer, an eccentric alien scientist, and a prescient child-like Oracle, he will search the galaxy for a way to defeat an unstoppable foe. Will Kyren survive space pirates, exploding aliens, and a maniacal cyborg? Can he embrace his unexpected destiny before the galaxy burns?
Armed with a new super-weapon, the pirate fleet is unstoppable.

While Kyren and his companions may have saved the galaxy from the deathbots, have their actions inadvertently unleashed a new threat? A mysterious benefactor has armed the Crevak Tribe, the mightiest pirate fleet in the galaxy, with a new super-weapon. With it they are laying waste to the only force in civilized space capable of stopping them. They must find the meaning of the Oracle’s new vision before it is too late. Will they survive long enough to repair their altered destiny?

The Kirugi comes, and with it desolation.

If the Kirugi is unchecked, the galaxy will be overrun with its spawn. All civilized life will come to an end, no planet will be left unscathed by the scourge.
Guided by the Oracle’s new visions, Kyren, Alis, and Benjam seek a way to stop the dreaded Kirugi. Can they find a way to defeat a seemingly undefeatable foe? Will they survive their encounter with an ancient and quite mad liadi? Will they find a secret long hidden on a strange alien world? Will they discover a way to stop the insidious Kirugi before their destiny’s reckoning?

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